Real Estate Consulting

If you are considering the acquisition of property, land or real estate, in LEX Q-TEAM we have an extensive experience acquired with developers of residential, commercial and tourism projects in all phases of development in Panama, which allows us to offer services such as purchase agreements, property titling, public deed registration, real estate projects development negotiations, Strategic planning of reforestation investment projects, amongst other services.

Our advisory service for acquisition of property, land or real estate is complemented with Immigration Services, as the creation of corporations and opening bank accounts where our experience has a very important role that will work in your favor in the process of these legal procedures.

In Lex Q-team we offer the following services:

•    Land titles research.
•    Advisory services for the preparation and negotiation of purchase and sale, rental, financial leasing.
•    Drafting of quitclaims in the purchase and sale transactions.
•    Drafting and registration of purchase deeds.
•    Tax and accounting counseling.
•    Tax payment processing for real estate transfer and capital gains tax.