Maritime Litigation

For us at LEX Q-TEAM we understand the need to offer legal assistance in the admiralty and maritime field, particularly for Panama`s geographical importance as a logistics center and global shipping transit point and also the numerous amount of ships registered under the Panamanian flag, reasons enough to have an adequate legal support before the Maritime Court in Panama.

The shipping industry is protected in Panama by two maritime tribunals. Both tribunals are available the 365 days a year, allowing a rapid implementation of legal means in order to establish judicial processes, either for lawsuits, maritime claims, enforcement of ship mortgages, vessel arrest and others.

The Panamanian law allows arrests of vessels registered under Panamanian or foreign flags, in these matters creditors are given the possibility to directly sue the vessel, while allocating a guarantee of one thousand American dollars (US$1,000.00) and an allocated deposit of US$2,500.00 in order to cover expenditures of custody and maintenance of the arrested vessel.

LEX Q-TEAM has the best interest to give you the necessary guidance and legal support to pursue your claims in the maritime courts, in diverse topics, such as: personal injuries to marine personnel, contamination from marine spills,  compensation payments by insurance companies, breach of contract, collision, cargo damage, etc.

LEX Q-TEAM provides to it`s clients the following services:

•    Flag registry for merchant ships and yachts.
•    Advisory in the purchase and sales of vessels.
•    Constitution, inscription and cancelation on ship mortgages.
•    Procedures related to the generation of port and maritime concessions.
•    Navigation License.
•    Change of registered owner or vessel’s name.