Immigration and Labor Law

Panama has always been recognized as one of the key migratory point due to its unique geographical position, actually offering multiple benefits. The options that Panama offers are multiple, for this reason our experts will assess each case in a personalized way and they will find the best solution in accordance to your specific needs.

In LEX Q-TEAM we have a team of specialized lawyers to assess you in your immigration and naturalization processes in Panama. With more than 15 years of experience in all aspects of the immigration law, we offer counseling in the diverse residency programs in accordance to the law, evaluating always the best suitable option according to the needs of our customers.

Our firm offers legal counseling in different areas of Labor Law such as:

•    Drafting of individual employment contracts.
•    Drafting, management and filing of the Employment Internal rules  and its amendments.
•    Registration process within the Social Security entity.
•    Legal advice and representation on individual labor conciliations. 
•    Drafting, review and termination of employment relation. 
•    Representation on Collective Labor Agreement. 
•    Responding to list of demands.
•    Representation in labor tribunals or settlements.
•    Representation in labor disputes.

This is a perfect timing to consider Panama as an investment destiny, labor, a second residency or to take advantage of the fiscal benefits that the Panamanian territory has to offer and that is why you should behold this in our professional experts.