Estate Planning

For us in LEX Q-TEAM, our service goal is based on laying solid foundations through legal tools that will allow a consistent family estate planning, or that your family business may exploit their potential having a sustainable growth vision throughout time.

The legal experience that characterizes us allows us to create structures through the creation of companies and private foundations for adequate solutions in connection to the legal transfer of family assets.

We also offer representation, counseling, negotiation and mediation services in case you shall need support in the process of liquidation of marriage assets, divorce (by mutual consent or with cause) and other related services.
•    Testator Counseling
Our team of lawyers will comply with a case study and advice on the recommended legal structure needed for a particular case.  Within all these legal structures we may present:  will and testament, trusteeship, private interest foundation and donations.

In addition, we assist you in the preparation of legal documents, including wills for universal heirs or property as legacies where there is a specific institution or person designated.

•    Testaments
LEX Q-TEAM may offer advise in drafting wills and representation in probate proceeding.

Planning sustainable legal solutions is part of the DNA of the legal team at LEX Q-TEAM.