Competition Law

In Panama the regulation for free market competition and consumer protection rules is one of the principal areas of experience at LEX Q-TEAM.  Due to the relevant foreign investment which grows in a positive rhythm and the creation of new free trade zones, recently established, such as Panama-Pacific Economic Area,   which complement those services traditionally offered by Colon Free Zone, has created the need of better legislation to protect against monopolistic practices and in favor of free market competition and also to protect the consumer of the current wide-ranging commercial offer.

Our legal experts are highly qualified to give you support in court rooms to protect your best interest, as a company or as a consumer.

LEX Q-TEAM also gives you the best support before the Consumer Protection and Free Market Defense Authority, which accepts the reports and complaints of consumers and its objective is to ensure and protect the Consumers Rights and the economic free market process as free competition, eliminating monopolistic practices and other restraints in the efficient functioning of the goods and services markets in order to preserve the consumers supreme interest.